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  • Customized GPI Pro Cine/Live sled

  • GPI Pro vest

  • Tiffen G-series arm 

  • Transvideo CineMonitor HD8-X-SBL-Evolution

  • Kenyon Labs KS-4 Gyro stabilization system

  • Betz Tools top stage

  • Decimator 2 Miniature (3G/HD/SD) - SDI to HDMI and NTSC/PAL

  • Marshall V-LCD70XP-3GSDI Director's monitor

  • Extensive cable package

  • Anton Bauer dionic HC lithium ion batteries (x8)

  • Anton Bauer Cine 150 Batteries (x3)

  • Eight banks of simultaneous charging

  • Jerry Hill docking bracket

  • Cinematic Precision 15 deg. offset low mode kit

  • Inovativ Scout 37 collapsible equipment cart with steadicam package

  • American Grip steadicam stand with Inovativ 8” wheel package

  • Jerry Hill vehicle/Mitchell mount





  • Custom built 12/24v sled by Cramped Attic Technologies

  • TFT 700 nit LCD monitor w/ framelines (standard def, 16x9, daylight viewable)

  • Transvideo Titan wireless video transmitter/receiver (NTSC, PAL & SECAM; AB powerpackage)

  • Low-mode kit

  • Extensive cable package

  • Anton Bauer dionic HC lithium ion batteries (x6)

  • Five banks of charging (4 simultaneous)

  • Jerry Hill docking bracket



All equipment housed in Pelican, Porta Brace or HPRC cases and ready to travel anywhere in the world. 
  • DJI Ronin 3-Axis brushless gimbal system

  • Wooden Camera Shoulder Rig (ARRI style dove plate)

  • Cinekinetic Cinesaddle (w\ car mount)

  • Teradek Bolt Pro uncompressed wireless video transmitter/receiver (4:2:2 300 foot range)

  • PLC Electronic Solutions digital follow focus/iris package with 2 channel BFD handset

  • Digital Servo Motor Heden M26VE (x2)

  • TV Logic 5 6" operator's monitor

  • California sunbounce windkiller system

  • Miscellaneous ultralight arms

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